Alert for seekers of capital

In many cases and through no fault of their own, people go about capital raising
in the wrong way

The wrong way looks something like this

  • They start, get some money (normally their own and friends)
    • use the contacts and advisors they have available
  • Their cofounders and team may not be up to the job
  • Often after they are running out of money they ask for more money
    • now they are negotiating from a weak position
    • getting desperate, they sell equity (often too much)
    • get offered money at a lower than acceptable valuation

Their risks include

  • Lack the capital to take advantage of opportunities along the way
    • miss the early market
  • Value their work in the wrong way,
    • undervalue or overvalue
    • and as a result they limit their capital raising options
    • lose control of their ‘baby’
  • Get rejections from investors but don’t really know why
  • Get cofounders JV’s team members with divided loyalties or poor commitment

Burn out from the journey may become a war story as they go back to a ‘real’ job


They realise they need a better structure alongside experienced advisers and a
better approach.


Rate Your Opportunity

  • Research based questionnaire -easy and quick
  • PDF of your questionnaire responses
  • 20 mins online discussion about your responses

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Resources, talent and money

  1. Accelerate enterprise value Click here to discuss
    • Build connections with funding sources
    • Clarify the brief and make introductions to advisors
      • to carry out the five essential agreements needed
    • Leadership and team building momentum
    • Value proposition to achieve investors’ buy-in
  2. In your corner every step of the way Click here to discuss
    • sounding board for those difficult times
      • ongoing value proposition and capital raising guidance
      • working with shareholders to maintain their respect and support
      • role on council of advisors (also known as board of advisors BoA)
  3. Co-pilot your capital raising campaign Click here to discuss
    • Walk you through 4 key elements
      • building the value proposition to achieve investors’ buy in
      • achieving the highest equity valuation for owners to maximise their exit returns
      • raising the enterprise value so we can raise the capital
      • being trusted, authentically liked and respected