‘Seize Your Value’ is the training arm of Increasing Returns

Opportunity is Lost and Won in Three Big Areas


It’s not about the Money
Focusing on money is only ONE piece of the puzzle. Integrity
drives investment decisions.
You need a structure to demonstrate integrity and build an
investment transaction based on trust.


Slow and Steady Loses Every Time
You must be better at course correcting than at planning.
It is essential to know when to start – a draft, pilot, mock-up,
prototype, new product, then adapt.


It is not all about your Product or Service.
Focus is also on you.
You must raise your ‘Investable-Quotient.’
Know how to ask your best and most giving team, influencers, and
money people, to invest in you, confidently.

Presentation 90 mins and Webinar 45 mins

BEING INVESTABLE -knowledge to bring your dream alive

This training shows that recognising you are your greatest asset
is the first step to attracting people, resources and money.
Ideal for those who are on a mission, with a big idea a dream to
bring into reality.

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BEING INVESTABLE -get backing to start and scale

Get BUY-IN from investors – build respect and speak the ‘language
of business.’

Raise your own “Investable Quotient” – confidence to ask for the
resources you need.
Fast forward without crashing – Structure, Tools, Accountability.
Ideal for those who want people, resources and money to back
them. This workshop is available following the webinar or

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Coming soon
-turning your disadvantage into your advantage


BE YOUR POWER -coming soon