who grow the ‘size of the pie’ for the whole
while increasing stakeholders’ rewards

Opportunity Is Lost and Won


It’s not about the Money.
Focusing on money is only ONE piece of the puzzle. Integrity drives investment decisions.

You need a structure to show how value is built and who gets the rewards. This is an investment transaction based on trust.


Slow and Steady Loses Every Time.
You must be better at course correcting than at planning.

It is essential to start a draft, pilot, mock-up, prototype, new product, then adapt to the user’s needs.


It is not all about your Product or Service. Investors and team members focus on you.

You must raise your personal ‘Investable-Quotient.’ Know how to confidently ask your best and most giving team, and money people, to invest in you.

Be Prepared to Leverage Change

Solving energy, food, safety, communications and education problems is essential for our world, life, art and business.

Action Orientated

Investors back a leader with a team that can unlock the value in an idea and turn it into a success to solve these problems. They know people are as essential as products or a business model.

Future Focused

Solving these problems leads to jobs, personal prosperity and improved quality of life for all. And in that way, leaders, their creations, enterprises and inventions, are the architects of our future.

by Charles Forerunner, licensed under Unsplash

Be Backed by People, Money, Resources and Get The Job Done

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